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I'm here now.
Now where we once were. Now without you.
Bonds between two can be made instantaneously
and will both strengthen and weaken overtime.
Our bond was like any other: irregular, stressed,
and at times looking as if it might break. It
never did though. We mended each others wounds.
It took time; although, everything goes along with time.
I can't help reflecting on those days.
Sometimes moments that I had lost in the back
of my mind are found so easily while I waste the
night away. Your face, your voice, your character,
I remember it all. But what I recall and cherished
so much back then were your eyes. The window to
the soul, or so they say. To me they were a glimpse
into your heart. A heart that had known oppression,
begged for answers, and suffered loneliness.

So I did what I could, and with only a glimpse of
something so magnificent I gave it what every heart deserves.
I gave it love.
I did not even know it at the time. Regardless, I had
done it. Whether intended or not, you had my love and I had yours.
But now I'm here.
Now where we once were.

Now with only memories of you.
The result of nights spent awake and days filled with sleep.
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November 24, 2012
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