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I don't need to be anywhere soon. by Pie-thief I don't need to be anywhere soon. :iconpie-thief:Pie-thief 0 0
Mature content
Vile haunting in this early morning. :iconpie-thief:Pie-thief 1 0
Feel Free To Kindly Disregard.
This is an attempt at twisting more personal feelings into poetry.
Continue at your own risk.
This is it. I will be another to admit defeat.
This rotten loneliness, enough to make ten persons sick.
Born from something biological; nurtured by mental self-harm. (Shame on me)
Poorly living, at times wishing death, I’m inanimate through all these days.
Humiliating oneself for having natural longings.
Covetous of companionship and envious of prosperity.
Feign apathy to veil my real agony.
(Fake laughter to compensate for lake of tears)
I’ll have you know this is inside. Not a safe haven and not a prison.
More of a barren plain, ravaged over time.
Mind you not many are shown this place.
For sake of society’s standards; for sake of feeling ashamed.
In the end, just promise me you’ll make it great for yourself someday.
As for me, I’ll be here.
Here in my rotten loneliness.
:iconpie-thief:Pie-thief 1 0
Lend them your grace.
My stomach twists. My eyes sting.
These toes grow numb and this heart will bleed.
I choose to remain between poor and worse states.
Or was it "I refuse to admit it all hurts".
When begging for death is an empty request and yearning for affection is a waste of their time.
Hence why I've been here for too many days.
Doubtful and dumb in all that I do.
Don't pity the weak or bother praising the strong.
What makes man a man and the stars shine at all.
No more of this sham.
Let's get out tonight.
And fall down on the ground.
For it's at last where we'll be.
:iconpie-thief:Pie-thief 3 0
8:15 a.m.
Almost two and a half years and I lie here in a void of sorrow.
Two years and I'm staying up late another night.
A few months before two years and I'm ashamed I'm still alive.
A year and a half and I'm letting guilt eat away at my core.
A year and I just want the tears to come out.
Nine months and I now realize my mistakes.
Three months and the days have become dull.
One month and I anticipate the future days.
A couple weeks and I'm moving forward.
A few days and I've forgotten for the time being.
The next day and I begin pushing the thought away.
An hour and I replay it all in my head again and again.
A minute and I have just made a terrible mistake.
One second and I catch my breath.
I let you down. You deserve better than me. I'll always carry those faults of mine with me.
Have a great life. I love you.
:iconpie-thief:Pie-thief 2 3
Diminished. Part three.
Honking horns; countless footsteps. It is five o’clock now and the streets are flooded with civilians.
When it comes to acting in any sort, Nigel really puts his all into it. Along with putting on a show at his stand, he somehow comes up with unique items for every one of his audience members. A watch for the common business man. A vase for a women with flowing hair. Even trinkets and toys for the kids who attended. Nigel kept his prices relatively low as well, which also drew more attention to his stand from many. And occasionally his competitive sales friend Hank and he would help each other out. If one had an item they couldn't sell they would pass it off to the other to see if they could improve it or even sell it on their end. On the outside they were two different, competitive salesmen. But behind scenes they collaborate and aid in boosting each other’s sales. The two of them had been doing this for just over a year now and it certainly paid off.
“Hey Nige, I go
:iconpie-thief:Pie-thief 0 0
Basic journey
So I was at my college school and all was well until two men starting firing guns on students. Or at least they were until right after two secret agents showed up and began to put a stop to them. Oddly enough, time was reversed back to when all was well and then instead of firing guns the two men were tossing small rocks, pebbles really, into the air that would kill or wound people if they were hit by them. I tried to engage one of the men, but they took me down and I had to flee. Before escaping with other people, I grabbed my phone and my sweater knowing the journey would be long. We all walked in a line as the men, who had increased from two to perhaps a hundred, were five to ten paces right behind us. I tried running, as did others, but our bodies as well as the crazed men’s bodies were weak and we had to walk most of the time which lead to one of us being caught and killed every so often. However, I discovered that I could run “backwards”, with my back turned whe
:iconpie-thief:Pie-thief 0 0
Simple desires.
Yes, I love to see you after I open my eyes.
Yes, your smile warms my heart.
Yes, my hand firmly grasps yours.
Yes, our lips are an inch from a kiss.
Yes, we walk at our casual pace.
Yes, make small talk throughout the day.
Yes, drawn out stares into each other's eyes.
Yes, pecking lips in public; romancing kisses in private.  
Yes, separate ways to fulfill personal duties.
Yes, trust for another rarely fleeting.
Yes, surprise gifts.
Yes, blissful trips.
 Yet no, dark days ever near.
Yes, strength is within.
 No, patience worn thin.
 No, unpleasant rest.
 No, weeping noons.
And yes, full of delight.
Yes, two-way boon.
Yes, we will fight and I can see you getting more furious with me as I make a common mistake even though I have all the right to call you out on your defaults in equal complaint for these many days of our time together as our bond becomes ever more tense with each troubling day ahead to come or so we can only assume AND-
  I love
:iconpie-thief:Pie-thief 1 0
Diminished Part two. b
Pedestrians begin to fill the streets as the city awakens. Nigel pulls up to a four way stop in 'ole Carl just as the traffic light flashes red. With his typical cheerful expression, he takes a deep breath of air only to trigger a few rough coughs. Even with how often he comes into this city, it is easy to forget about all of the odd mixtures of scents that existed here and much of it being pollution. The area also is pretty rundown, holding only remnants of how successful it had once been. Although the majority of the city is in poor condition and some locations are in ruin, there is the well-known, multi-million dollar company Wohlstand that resides in the northwestern part of the city. Their main line of work is with chemicals and are joint to one of two hospitals here, that is the one hospital that is still being used of course.
The traffic light switches to green and 'ole Carl carries Nigel forward. He drives for a few blocks more before turning into a street littered with many st
:iconpie-thief:Pie-thief 0 0
Stressors. by Pie-thief Stressors. :iconpie-thief:Pie-thief 0 3 Perspective. by Pie-thief Perspective. :iconpie-thief:Pie-thief 0 2 Fusion. by Pie-thief Fusion. :iconpie-thief:Pie-thief 0 0
Diminished. Part One. b
All in one.
A simple multipurpose tool
Just shy of perfection by one flaw.
Six o'clock in the morning, on the dot. Flinging the covers aside with great enthusiasm and a huge grin to match it, Nigel was ready for another day. Leaping to his feet and then striking a pose with both arms above his head flexing and a "oh yeah" was the next step in starting off the day. Nigel had a healthy vibe about him and he made sure to begin with a positive attitude if he wanted similar results for himself. After going through the rest of his morning duties, which consisted of stretches and exercise, breakfast, dressing, and then taking time to tidy up the small room, in that order, Nigel grabbed a leather strap on the bottom middle part of one of the walls and hoisted it up.
He was in a storage unit, among many others. The whole area was filled with numerous piles of metal and debris everywhere. Such areas were used to dispose of scrap parts. This was Nigel's domain. He enjoyed tinkering with bits and
:iconpie-thief:Pie-thief 0 0
T.o.m.b 1a
Many strange and wondrous things exist in this world. There's nature that has its magical ways of growth and secrets. There is also mankind with its work in the sciences and advancements as a race. Both have their devastating sides as well. Volcanoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes for nature to name a few; guns, missiles, and nuclear warheads for humans are commonly known about. However, I feel most are easily forgetful of one power we humans have that is constantly abused for good and evil each day.
The power of words.
A chilled Sunday morning. Finely packed snow covered the city as it continued to shower down. It was the first week of January. Littered on most sidewalks and curbs were the homeless accompanied by trash and debris. One couldn't go more than two blocks without passing by a man or woman huddled for warmth from the harsh element of winder or enough garbage to satisfy three or more dumpsters.
What a mess.
A man dressed in a mix of rags and scraps lied up against one side of
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Sanity is for chumps.
Do you ever just..
A gentle breeze can set just the right mood for a summer day as it cools
one's skin off with this Sun's rays heating it in equal competition.
Too cold? Grab a pullover.
Warmer than you wanted it to be? Take it off then.
An easily adaptable circumstance in most cases, especially when there are
not multiple bullets missing your body by mere millimeters and you can't
spare a second to wipe the sweat off your brow as you are dashing for near
Do you ever just..
It is a wonder how the world operates currently. In one location a Saudi
Arabian man barely gets through his day with the ragged clothes he wears,
a mind focused mainly on surviving the next night, an empty stomach, and a
Heineken bottle cap in his left pocket from last week. In another area there
is a Caucasian man who sits in his cubicle on the twenty-third floor, one
leg over the other, biting the eraser end of his pencil as he debates in
his head over whether he should go out with his buddies late
:iconpie-thief:Pie-thief 3 4
School Sketches.... by Pie-thief School Sketches.... :iconpie-thief:Pie-thief 1 0


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There isn't much I can tell you that you wouldn't find out within the first few minutes of speaking with me (that or just read a couple of my journals). So....yeah. I love to make new friends and keeping them is even better.

Also, My name is Alex. :D


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